Hunt Application

Each hunt requires you to fill out an application. These can be found inword in our hunt information NC’s  OR you can copy and paste below and fill out and drop off at our JC Presents Mail box inworld.
NC’s need to be labled: JCP: (hunt initials) – (store name) – (sl name)
Each application needs all parts filled out, this helps us process and file the applications.

Please insure that you use your most current LM’s and SLurls. LM’s are saved as they come in, so if you want to edit the name of your LM to be used in the hunt, please do so before submitting. IF between submitting an application and receiving confirmation of acceptance you have to move or pull out of the hunt please send a follow up NC with the NC named: JCP: (hunt) – (store) ** Follow up  and clearly state in the NC what the new changes are, i.e. if you moved, have to drop out, application didn’t save proper, etc.

IF you have to move between acceptance and the end of a hunt -please- let me know as soon as you know you will have to move so I can update the blog with a notice on pending move and as soon as you have a new LM please send a NC named: JCP:(hunt) – (store) ** MOVED  and in the note card please state the following:
New LM:
New Slurl:
New Sim rating (if different):
New Hint (if different):

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Jadedice Resident, note cards dropped off in the mailbox is the best way to get a hold of me as my messages and items have been known to cap or get eaten.

Hunt Application:

JC: Presents

Store name:
Store LM:
Store SLURL:
sim rating:
Store logo:

Your SL name:
Mangers name:
Creators name (if different):
Best time to reach you in SL time:

What you sell:

Your idea(s) for the hunt:

Have you been in a hunt before?

Are you a member of JC Presents group?
* will you need an invite?

Have you read the timeline in the information NC?
*can you agree/meet the timeline?

Have you read the rules in the information NC?
*can you agree to the rules?

Drop Applications at: SLURL:



IF you move after acceptance or during a hunt you MUST let us know asap! We need:

NC title: “JCP: (hunt initial) – Store name — CHANGES”


information in the NC:
New LM:
New SLurl:
New Hint (if applicable):
New Sim Rating (if applicable):
Date this takes effect:
Hunts you are scheduled for:

Failure to notify us of moving will result in being dropped from the hunt and for repeat issues you could end up banned from future hunts. Its very important you notify us prior or just after a move.



IF you want to submit a hint card prior to official hint cards being released please be sure to include the following information:

NC title: “JCP: (hunt initials) — HINT — (store name)

Store Name:
Contact name:
Direct SLurl to hiding spot:

** Please note direct SLurl is now mandatory and for only myself or my staff to use purely for walk throughs / re-checks.


IF you have a question, concern or issue:

IF you are having an issue with perms of a sign or object contact me via IM and if I am offline leave me a NC in my mailbox as well

IF you need another sign, item or etc just leave me a NC in the mailbox.

IF you are unsure if you were suppose to receive something i.e. hunt object… check group notice history and or blog news. IF items have been sent out there will be a notice about and if there are no notices about it then they have not come out yet. Also check the timelines, if hunt objects don’t come out until the 12th on the timeline … IMing me to ask if they have come out on the 10th is a little pointless. If you are unsure of when things are to come out check out the blog. We have the timelines posted and we use the same timelines every month.

IF you are new to hunts and not sure what to do or what happens next you can message me or leave me a NC. I do accept new vendors and know first hand the excitement and nerves that come with doing your first hunt. If you have questions try reading through the information provided both in NCs and on the blog if you are still unsure contact me (Jadedice Resident) or leave me a NC in the mailbox.




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